School Clinics

qAt the end of 2011, a visit to the Akropong school of the Blind and the Mampong School of the deaf revealed that  neither school had a permanent doctor or nurse assigned to it. The students fell very ill often and had to travel a distance into town to get the much needed medical attention. The schools' nursing bay did not have any medications even for minor ailments. 

Evangelist Heward-Mills thus started the Blind & Deaf Schools Medical Outreach

Currently the Akropong School of the Blind has 375 students, between the ages of 4 and 20 and a part time nurse on staff. The Mampong School of the Deaf has 384 students and a full time health assistant on staff.

Our goal is to render medical care to the students of these schools FREE of charge and to provide their medications at no cost to them as well.

2014 deaf outreach 2In 2012, we held  3 medical outreaches in each school and attended to an average of 130 students per visit per school. The medical team was made up of 2-3 doctors and one nurse or pharmacy technician. The common ailments we treat are malaria, upper respiratory tract infections, skin diseases, worm infestation, pain syndromes, typhoid,  vaginitis, conjuctivitis, minor scrapes , anemia and malnutrition.

Our first outreach in 2013,took place on February 13th. A  combined total of 230 students were seen in both schools by our team of 3 doctors and a nurse.

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