The healing Jesus Medical Mission outreach is committed to spreading the love of Christ by providing free

healthcare especially to the rural and underprivileged populations in Ghana and surrounding regions of Africa.

We believe that in doing so we open the door to share the gospel of Christ and win souls for the Kingdom of God.

Our teams are made up of volunteer healthcare professionals ranging in number between 5 and 30, depending

on their availability as well as the availability of logistics such as accommodation in the towns and villages we visit.

Full time members of this healthcare team are Dr. Edwin Ogoe, Dr. Stella Baome and Dr. Naabea Enin.

Each patient at the Rural Medical Outreach is cared for FREE of charge! (This includes free drugs as well)

This is made possible by your donations.

Healing Jesus Medical Outreach - 2010


Tamale, Northern Ghana, 2010

4-Day Clinic
2,838 patients attended to
599 patients at Eye Clinic



Koforidua, Southern Ghana, 2010

4-Day Clinic
2,974 patients attended to
251 patients at Eye Clinic



Ikere, Nigeria, 2010

3-Day Clinic
2970 patients attended to



Ijero, Nigeria, 2010

3-Day Clinic
1250 patients attended to



Offa, Nigeria, 2010

3-Day Clinic
2270 patients attended to