"Reaching out to the prisons, to the handicapped, the blind,
the deaf and dumb, widows of pastors, the poor and the sick on a constant basis."

Jane's Story

Here is another story of a little girl we were able to assist in getting the medical care she needed. During The Healing Jesus Medical Missions Outreach in Elmina (2014) we met this little girl (we will call her Jane).

Jane’s mother had carried her to the medical clinic but due to the gravity of her condition she could neither sit nor stand to join the queues of patients waiting to be attended to at the clinic. Instead, she had to lie down.

Jane before treatmentShe was all swollen from head to toes and her eyes could barely open. One of our doctors Dr Naabea spotted her lying behind the waiting crowd and inquired about her. Jane was 13 years old but had taken ill suddenly when she was 11years and started swelling gradually. Her single mother fought endlessly to find her a cure through herbs and other local drugs that was readily available because she couldn’t afford to take her to a hospital for the appropriate medical treatment. She watched on hopelessly as her daughter’s condition deteriorated. She could not go to school nor play with her friends as she grew weaker by the day. Then the Healing Jesus Campaign arrived in Elmina, that’s when she decided to bring her daughter for the free medical outreach.

Jane recovering nicely Dr Naabea made a few calls to the general hospital in Cape-Coast and referred Jane to a doctor there who started treatment for Jane immediately. She was examined and admitted to the hospital for 2months! Throughout this period, Dr Naabea was constantly in touch with them monitoring the progress of little Jane’s healing. Her diagnosis after the tests was nephrotic syndrome. A condition that can be managed by medications and close medical supervision

Today, the swellings have all disappeared and Jane has become stronger. She can now walk by herself and has returned to join her friends in school!

Jane after 3

The full cost of labs and medication during and after the admission, was borne by the Help the Helpless Charity.